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Support your customers on
www and FB Messenger

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Monitor PerfectBot
conversations in LiveChat

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Human Handover

Transfer complex problems
to agents in LiveChat

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Monitor PerfectBot
performance in LiveChat

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Transfer complex problems
to agents in LiveChat

When required, PerfectBot seamlessly transfers user to a human agent.
The agent will respond in the LiveChat console. They will see the chatbot conversation and solves the case faster.
If all agents are busy - PerfectBot will place the client in a queue and inform them about the waiting time.
In specific cases, PerfectBot can transfer the clients request via opening
a ticket or sending an email.

Monitor PerfectBot's
performance in LiveChat

You can find PerfecBot analitycs in your LiveChat console, including

Use all features of PerfectBot

Decide how to invite visitors to chat.
Customize chat widget on your website
Categorize your chats.
Check how many chats end with purchase.

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