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Imagine you are a fashion store customer. Ask me anything about returns, shipping, payments, offers ...
You could try questions like:
  • how will I get my money back?
  • where is the invoice?
  • why doesn't my promo code work?
Or challenge me with a more complex question …
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Resolve tickets instantly
with GPT-powered AI bot

A human-like AI Chatbot that learns from your help center to instantly resolve tickets and free up your team for critical tasks.

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PerfectBot learns from your help center and tickets

Instant Setup

PerfectBot GPT studies your help center to learn your brand's voice and policies. Then, using GPT-3, it immediately answers chats 24/7.

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Enriched for Maximum Accuracy

Your help center is not enough to build accurate AI Chatbot. That's why help you to enrich it with your ecommerce specific knowledge.

You'll have access to a library of more than 250 customizable template responses.

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Manual fine-tuning is on us

We test and manually optimize your ChatGPT Chatbot to reduce "hallucinations".

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The only AI Chatbot that works inside your Gorgias

AI for Gorgias

You can easily plug PerfectBot GPT into Gorgias. It can handle conversations in Gorgias chat as the always-on agent.

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Human hand-over

PerfectBot seamlessly passes more complex questions directly to your human support team.

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Supervise AI

Use your Gorgias software to handle complex cases and monitor PerfectBot's responses. Maintain your existing support workflow.

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ChatGPT you can trust

PerfectBot GPT provides trustworthy answers based on your support knowledge base, avoiding misleading or off-brand answers.

We're manually optimizing accuracy to reduce "hallucinations".

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Try out an AI Chatbot based on your help center

We will send you link to AI Chatbot that can answer your FAQ. However, we know that the knowledge from help center is not enough to create an accurate chatbot.


Boost your AI Chatbot knowledge

We conduct a Knowledge Test to pinpoint topics to add for maximum accurate answers and minimize hallucination risks. To make your work easier, we will provide you with response templates.


Get an AI Chatbot boosted for maximum accuracy
and minimum hallucinations.
It's PerfectBot.



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9,000,000+ chats automated for top eCommerce brands.

chats, optimized for eCommerce brands.

The implementation of the second generation chatbot was a key step to adjust LPP customer service to booming online sales.

Chatbot with the human-handover is the most effective
and at the same time the easiest available contact channel.

David Telepski

head of contact center

60 000

conversations monthly


requests resolved correctly without human help

Chatbot helped our Contact Center to cope with traffic,
which raised after closure of IKEA stores due to an epidemic.

Thanks to it, we answer many questions of our clients 24/7, with no waiting.

Martin Liszewski

business leader

150 000

conversations monthly


requests resolved correctly without human help

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