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Gorgias is a great helpdesk solution for DTC brands, but the real magic ✨ happens when you integrate PerfectBot.

Improve support performance

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AI resolution rate


Off-hours replies


Automate chat requests with
a natural language chatbot

PerfectBot leverages help resources and Gorgias ticket history to understand real-life questions and provide accurate answers.
Customers often ask multiple questions within a single query, and PerfectBot can answer them all.
The chatbot won't discuss anything beyond your business and offerings.
PerfectBot remembers what you've been talking about and can respond appropriately without needing you to repeat yourself.

How can we help?

I ordered 12 how do I put in what
I want for my two free ones


To buy a 10+2 free bundle, select 12 bottles and add them to your bundle cart.
After adding 12 items, click "view bundle contents" to review. Then, click "add to cart" to complete your order! 🛒
please do not ship my ins is
gettin me new chair


if you want to cancel an order due to the insurance coverage I can transfer you to our team. 👨
I didn’t pick up the package, how
and when will I be refunded?


If you do not pick up the package 📦, we will refund your money within 10 business days to the account through which the payment was made.
I would like to order 2 8x8 wall pictures . What are the steps for you to get to the photos. After choosing the photos I want .What do I do? Do I sent them to your site I don't quite understand the process Please help


To order 2 8x8 wall pictures, please follow these steps
✅ Click on "get started" to choose your pictures.
✅ Once you have selected the photos you want, click on MY CART.
✅ Fill out your address on the checkout page.
can you recommend me another
shop with free shipping?


I cannot help you with matters which are not related to our business. 😔
so how much do you charge for delivery?


Delivery is free for orders over $50. If the value of your cart is less than $50, the cost for delivery is $9.
I ordered a shirt online but the fit is not ideal. Can I exchange it for a different size?


Yes, you can exchange the product for a different size within 30 days.
how? It’s an in-store purchase


In-store purchases can only be exchanged in store. Take the purchase you’d like to return and the proof of purchase (recepit or invoice) to the store. 📦

Make even better use of order management features

PerfectBot understands order status, return or cancellation inquiries guiding customers to the Gorgias Self-Service Widget Portal.

Replace basic automation features

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What Our Customers Say

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We are really happy
with the performance
of the Alice Bot.

Anna Keegan

Senior Retention Marketing Manager

Human CSAT achieved

The customers are happier as they can get an instant response. We’re a lot more efficient on our backend.

Rory McLaughlan


AI Resolution rate


Efficient, responsive, and always ready to help – PerfectBot is a game-changer for customer support!

Isabelle Suter

Digital Brand Manager

Off-hours replies


We would definitely
like to move forward
with PerfectBot.

Kerry Marshall

Consumer Experience Coordinator


Feedback from end customers after chatting with PerfectBot


* * * * *
“The response was extremely fast and very courteous. A wonderful experience compared to a lot of other places that take forever to get back to you.”


* * * * *
“Very helpful, explained everything perfectly so it was easy to understand.”


* * * * *
“Very helpful and very fast response.”


* * * * *
“Excellent customer services.”


* * * * *
“Was good. Asked a question and got an answer pretty much straight away.”

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