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Incredibly easy setup

Ready to use conversational AI solution for Fashion

Just choose the questions you want to automate, and customize answers. We'll take care of the chatbot training, conversation flows and all the hard stuff.

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Not another "do it yourself" chatbot platform

Standard chatbot

  • Time consuming AI training
  • Complicated bot building process
  • Writing chatbot answers from scratch
  • Optimization is your job
  • Poor natural language understanding


  • 65,000 fashion specific training phrases
  • Ready-to-use conversation flows
  • 200 default answers
  • Optimization based on millions of conversations
  • AI trained to answer 200 most popular questions

Your most efficient employee - ready in 2 weeks

AI training and continuous chatbot optimization is our job.


Choose the questions you want to automate.

We did chatbot training, based on millions of conversations.


Customize default answers.

Don't worry about flow building. It's perfect already.


Set handover rules.

Decide when PerfectBot should transfer the chat to the agent or create a ticket.


Integrate delivery statuses via webhook.

PerfectBot can check and explain order status. You just need to connect to the API.


Launch PerfectBot with

PerfectBot will answer chats 24/7 as the primary agent in LiveChat.

Improve your customer service
in 2 weeks

1 month
free trial

Zero upfront

Fully assisted

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