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Imagine you are a fashion store customer. Ask me anything about returns, shipping, payments, offers ...
You could try questions like:
  • how will I get my money back?
  • where is the invoice?
  • why doesn't my promo code work?
Or challenge me with a more complex question … ->
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Four features that make PerfectBot
the ultimate AI bot for ecommerce

1. Learning from Your Content

Help Center

PerfectBot studies your help center to learn your policies. Then, using GPT, it immediately answers chats 24/7.


To improve performance and learn your brand's voice, PerfectBot also learns from past Gorgias tickets.

Product content

Your support content is just a starting point. We will enrich it with product content imported from your Shopify store.

2. Native Integration with Gorgias Chat Widget

PerfectBot handles conversations in the Gorgias chat widget as the always-on agent. It can reassign complex tickets to your team.

3. Streamlining Support Workload

Works inside Gorgias

PerfectBot resolves 50-70% of customer issues and lets your human agents focus on high-value chats.

Handle spikes in traffic

Your agents after holidays or weekends can focus on current issues instead of digging through old tickets.

Cut response times

Start replying in seconds instead of hours or days.

Offer 24/7 service

Half of your customers want to chat when you are not available. Let them do so.

4. Trustworthy AI bot

Works inside Gorgias

Only accurate answers

PerfectBot provides trustworthy answers based on your support knowledge base, avoiding misleading or off-brand responses.

We also monitor the conversations and manually optimize the answers to maximize accuracy and reduce "hallucinations".

What Our Customers Say

First response time


We are really happy
with the performance
of the Alice Bot.

Anna Keegan

Senior Retention Marketing Manager

Human CSAT achieved

The customers are happier as they can get an instant response. We’re a lot more efficient on our backend.

Rory McLaughlan


AI Resolution rate


Efficient, responsive, and always ready to help – PerfectBot is a game-changer for customer support!

Isabelle Suter

Digital Brand Manager

Off-hours replies


We would definitely
like to move forward
with PerfectBot.

Kerry Marshall

Consumer Experience Coordinator


Feedback from end customers after chatting with PerfectBot


* * * * *
“The response was extremely fast and very courteous. A wonderful experience compared to a lot of other places that take forever to get back to you.”


* * * * *
“Very helpful, explained everything perfectly so it was easy to understand.”


* * * * *
“Very helpful and very fast response.”


* * * * *
“Excellent customer services.”


* * * * *
“Was good. Asked a question and got an answer pretty much straight away.”

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Want to try PerfectBot trained
on your own content?

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