We create the smartest
AI agents for ecommerce

2020 company created

2022 transition from Google Dialogflow to GPT

2023 Gorgias Add-on launched

10 million chats automated

300 AI agents delivered and counting

AI made by Humans

Lucas Lewandowski

Lucas Lewandowski

Founder, CEO

Mick Machowczyk

Mick Machowczyk

Founder, CTO

Matt Maliszewski

Matt Maliszewski

Founder, Head of Conversation Design

Our beliefs

1. AI agents can be smart, empathetic, and helpful.

We say goodbye to bumbling bots. It's time for the AI agents that provide perfect answers and don't frustrate customers.


2. It’s a new era of agent productivity.

Now you can get more done without spending a lot. This means lower costs, happier support teams, and satisfied customers.

Built for LiveChat

3. AI agents can help humans do what they do best.

Let's free up human time for more creative and strategic tasks, improving productivity and innovation.

Demo Perfectbot

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