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About Us

We create the most human-like chatbots

PerfectBot understand most of the customer's questions, that’s why it truly helps in the Contact Center.

PerfectBot automated

conversations in Fashion customer service


We have been building
human-like chatbots

since 2016

Until 2020,
we were known as

Our mother company is listed on
the Warsaw Stock Exchange

AI made by Humans

Łukasz Lewandowski

Founder, CEO

Artur Kończyński

Artur Kończyński

Founder, COO

Mikołaj Machowczyk

Mikołaj Machowczyk

Founder, CTO

Maciej Maliszewski

Maciej Maliszewski

Founder, Head of Conversation Design

Judyta Grzyb

Judyta Grzyb

Chatbot Designer

Natalia Struzik

Natalia Struzik

Chatbot Designer

Our beliefs:

1. Chatbots can be smart.

Our ambition is to create chatbots that provide the most perfect answers and do not frustrate users.

2. Chatbots automation rate can be measured in a reliable way.

We will read a statistically significant conversation sample and evaluate if the chatbot properly handled the client's problem. Human evaluation is the only reliable method.

3. Chatbots can structurally improve customer service.

Chat does not have to be just an additional point of contact, but it can become the main customer service channel, just like in LPP or IKEA.

Our Office

K2Bots.AI Sp. z o.o.

Domaniewska 44a
Platinium 5 building
02-672 Warsaw Poland

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