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Instantly resolve tickets with
the smartest AI agent for Gorgias

Hundreds of DTC brands use PerfectBot to automate over 60% of tickets,
keeping costs low and customers satisfied.

Works in Gorgias app
as one of the agents
Instant AI resolutions
in Gorgias chat

Trusted by 100s of Shopify stores of all sizes

Want to try PerfectBot with
your own content?

Submit your online store URL to receive a custom demo. PerfectBot will study your content to learn your brand's voice and policies. Then, using the latest AI technology, it instantly answers Gorgias chats, 24/7.

Deliver automated, yet human-like
conversational support

PerfectBot gives trustworthy AI answers based on your content,
so you can resolve most of the customers questions instantly.

Natural language
Accurate and
trustworthy answers

”Efficient, responsive and always ready to help.
PerfectBot is a game-changer for customer support.”

Isabelle Suter
Digital Brand Manager

Automation Rate

Train AI from multiple sources

It's not just your Help Center. To understand your business, PerfectBot digs into
your past customer tickets, Shopify product details, policies, and even your blog.

Help Center

PerfectBot studies your Help Center to learn your policies.


To improve performance and learn your brand's voice, PerfectBot also learns from past Gorgias tickets.


Your support content is just a starting point. PerfectBot will also digest product content from your Shopify store.


PerfectBot can also read your blogs to learn how to help your customers better.

Easily improve the AI performance
with Gorgias Internal Notes

Monitor PerfectBot’s chats in Gorgias tickets. If you find a ticket where AI bot
could do better, simply request an update through Gorgias Internal Note.

Optimize AI with
Gorgias Internal notes

Optimize AI with Gorgias Internal Notes

Train your AI agent just as you would train a human agent.

Built-in Gorgias Widget

You can modify the AI's response, use the agent's reply for training, or customize handovers directly in the Gorgias app.

”PerfectBot has really been a great addition to the team and the stats can prove it.
We've been very happy with the support and outcome!”

Anna Keegan Serran
Senior Retention Marketing Manager

Resolution rate

Your Agents will love to cooperate
with PerfectBot in Gorgias

PerfectBot works natively with Gorgias help desk to create a seamless experience for your agents and customers.
It works with Gorgias inbox, ticketing, chat widget, statistics, order management, and more.

Chatbot activity
tags and notes
Smart handover

Monitor PerfectBot in Gorgias

Use your Gorgias to monitor PerfectBot's responses. You can view chatbot's conversations by resolution state – resolved or routed to team.

Smart handover scenarios

PerfectBot reassigns complex problems to your human support team. The entire conversation is held in the Gorgias widget.

Fully customizable

Customize Bot name, avatar, greetings, and handover scenarios.

Boost Gorgias automation features

Gorgias is a great helpdesk solution for DTC brands, but the real magic ✨ happens when you integrate PerfectBot.

Monitor PerfectBot
in Gorgias Statistics
Track CSAT, FRT,
and resolution time

Cooperates with Order Management

PerfectBot understands order status, return or cancellation inquiries, guiding customers to the Gorgias Self-Service Widget Portal.

Replaces basic automations features

Your clients can ask questions in natural language instead of choosing from a list of predefined options.

Upgrade quick responses and
article recommendations into
a full conversational experience

”We would definitely like to move forward with PerfectBot.”

Isabelle Suter
Consumer Experience Coordinator

Response time

Automate 60% of tickets without
compromising your CSAT score

PerfectBot resolves 50-70% of customer issues and lets your human agents focus on high-value chats.

5 stars from Zachary

”Actually, loved the Chatbot - it managed to answer both questions I have had. The AI must be getting good.”

5 stars from Sharlee

“Was good. Asked a question and got an answer pretty much straight away.”

5 stars from Steven

“Excellent customer services.”

5 stars from Chequita

“Very helpful and very fast response.”

5 stars from Andrew

“Very helpful, explained everything perfectly so it was easy to understand.”

5 stars from Michelle

”The response was extremely fast and very courteous. A wonderful experience compared to a lot of other places that take forever to get back to you.”

* Actual feedback from end-users after chatting with PerfectBot

Handle spikes in traffic

Your agents after holidays or weekends can focus on current issues instead of digging through old tickets.

Cut response times

Start replying in seconds instead of hours or days.

Offer 24/7 service

Half of your customers want to chat when you are not available. Let them do so.

Start with a 30-day free trial,
then just $99/month

Get PerfectBot at a fraction of the cost of other automation add-ons for Gorgias.


PerfectBot vs other AI solutions

Many chatbots claim they are "powered by AI" or "integrate with Gorgias",
but PerfectBot is the one that makes a difference.

Instant AI answers in Gorgias chat

PerfectBot acts like one of your team in the Gorgias app, chatting directly through the Gorgias chat widget.

No real-time responses

Other chatbots might just create drafts for agents to review, or they could take several minutes to reply within the Gorgias chat widget.

Multi-source training

It's not just your Help Center. To understand your business, PerfectBot digs into your past customer tickets, Shopify product details, policies, and even your blog.

Limited content sources

Other bots often rely on limited, randomly selected content from your website.

Maximum accuracy with simple tuning

PerfectBot gives you answers you can trust. And if something's not quite right, you can quickly make it better with a note in Gorgias.

Hallucinated responses hard to optimize

Other bots give misleading or off-target answers, and it’s tough to make them better.

30-day free trial with complete onboarding

You get hands-on support from the start, helping you quickly meet your automation goals.

Onboarding in enterprise plans only

Usually, only the expensive plans help you with setup. Otherwise, you have to figure out the chatbot and Gorgias settings by yourself.

Only $99 per 1,000 tickets
Significantly more expensive

All essential features


Works inside Gorgias

  • Works in Gorgias chat widget
  • Smart handover scenarios
  • Fully customizable
  • Guides to order management
  • Syncs with Gorgias bot
  • Built-in Gorgias Widget
Learns from your content

Learns from your content

  • Gorgias Help Center
  • Gorgias Tickets
  • Gorgias Macros & Rules
  • Blog & Policies
  • Shopify product content
  • Automated content sync Coming soon

Talks like a human

  • Natural language conversations
  • Complex questions understanding
  • Context understanding
  • Powered by the most sophisticated
    language models, including GPT-4
  • Multi-source answers


  • Gorgias Chat
  • Email Coming soon
  • Facebook Messenger Coming soon
  • WhatsApp Coming soon
Maximum accuracy

Maximum accuracy



  • American English
  • British English
  • 43 languages, including German,
    French, Dutch or Danish

Want to try PerfectBot trained
on your own content?

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