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The implementation of the second generation chatbot was a key step to adjust LPP customer service to booming online sales.

Chatbot with the human-handover is the most effective and at the same time the easiest available contact channel.

Dawid Telepski

head of contact center

60 000

conversations monthly


requests resolved without human

Chatbot helped our Contact Center to cope with traffic, which raised after closure of IKEA stores due to an epidemic.

Thanks to it, we answer many questions of our clients 24/7, with no waiting.

Marcin Liszewski

business leader

150 000

conversations monthly


requests resolved without human

Automate answers to the 200 most common questions

Chatbot tailored to
customer service in Fashion

The highest
resolution rate

in 2 weeks

The most effective chatbot for
for Customer Service in Fashion.

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