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Automate up to 50% eCommerce specific requests
for a fraction of the price of 1 FTE.

Bot building, training and optimization is included.




trial and assisted onboarding

For 1 month

zero costs



199 USD

total cost per month

Up to 1 000

valid chats per month



399 USD

total cost per month

Up to 2 000

valid chats per month


It's the price of a fully effective chatbot and it includes:

  • Bot building, training and optimization
  • 220 eCommerce specific automations
  • 220 default answers
  • 65 000 eCommerce specific training phrases
  • Order status integration via webhook
  • Fully assisted onboarding
  • Dedicated support, advice and guidance
  • LiveChat configuration
  • Google Dialogflow NLP
  • English language

That means you don’t need to pay extra for bot building services or invest
a lot of your team’s time to launch super effective chatbot.


of the most effective AI chatbot

Trusted by retail and eCommerce stores

Frequently Asked Questions

You can cancel anytime during a 30-day trial at no cost.

Yes. PerfectBot is deeply integrated with LiveChat, a leading chat solution. To use PerfectBot you will need to buy 2x LiveChat seats for our Admin and Chatbot, who both will be logged 24/7 in your LiveChat app.

We need 2x LiveChat seats to integrate PerfectBot into your LiveChat, monitor conversations and optimize your chatbot.

You can find LiveChat pricing here:

Yes, you will get the most effective chatbot built, trained, and optimized by us. You will only do the minimum work – customize chatbot’s answers, decide about human handover rules, and optionally integrate delivery statuses via our webhook.

Valid chats are all chats with a chatbot, with at least one interaction from the user. We don’t count empty chats - when the user didn’t write or click anything on chat.

Save the time of your clients and your agents.

free trial

1 month
free trial

Zero upfront costs

Zero upfront

Free your agents

Free your agents
from 70% requests

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