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Automate up to 70% fashion specific requests
for a fraction of the price of 1 FTE.

You get the ready to use chatbot, not "do it yourself" platform. We will take care of the bot building and optimization.

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trial and assisted onboarding

For 1 month

zero costs


390 USD

total cost per month

Up to 2 000

automated conversations per month


940 USD

total cost per month

Up to 8 000

automated conversations per month

Free trail includes fully assisted onboarding

Time limited offer

  • Ready to use chatbot
  • 200 fashion specific automations
  • 200 default answers
  • Order status integration via webhook
  • Google Dialogflow NLP
  • Fully assisted setup
  • AI training optimization
  • Dedicated support, advice and guidance
  • LiveChat setup and training
  • English language

Trusted by Fashion retail and ecommerce stores

Sinsay Mohito Reserved House Cropp Diverse IKEA Tatuum 4F Displate

Save the time of your clients and your agents.

1 month
free trial

Zero upfront

Free your agents
from 70% requests

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