7 Benefits of Adding an FAQ Page to Your Online Store

by Michael Kammer

by Michael Kammer

7 Benefits of Adding an FAQ Page to Your Online Store

The frequently asked question (FAQ) section of a website serves as an informational hub that allows your business to react to and anticipate the needs of your audience. Having an asset that allows customers to find their own answers is invaluable – an effective FAQ resource can educate, inform, and naturally guide your customers through your website’s content.

In this guide, we’ll outline 7 key benefits of adding an FAQ page to your online store, including:

  • An improved customer experience
  • Time and resource savings
  • Enhanced trust and credibility
  • Clearer policies
  • Better SEO results
  • Showcased product knowledge
  • Material for chatbot training

Let’s take a closer look at each benefit, one by one:

1. An improved customer experience

A well-organized FAQ page or section that’s easy to navigate can be a powerful tool when it comes to improving the experience of your customers. When you help a potential customer quickly solve a problem or get information without any issues, they feel good about your brand, and they’re more likely to feel at ease when purchasing from you. That positive interaction with your company can convert them into more engaged users and more frequent customers. Consider a few statistics:

  • 83% of customers make a company’s website their first stop for information
  • 51% prefer self-service help options (like FAQ pages)
  • 56% leave a website at the first sign of frustration

When you provide accurate, easy-to-locate answers on your FAQ page, you empower customers to find information without sending an email or contacting your support team.

2. Time and resource savings

An FAQ page can answer common questions you’d otherwise have to spend time, energy and money answering, freeing up your customer service team to answer only the most unique and urgent questions.

Not only that, research from Hubspot shows that 70 percent of customers would rather use a company’s website to get answers than talk to a human. An FAQ page is the perfect way to accommodate them! Just remember, your FAQ page isn’t supposed to answer every single question – it’s there to tackle the low hanging fruit easily and effectively.

3. Enhanced trust and credibility

When you ask someone a question, it’s because you view them as an expert. The same thing occurs when your customers ask you questions about your products and services. Since your customers want to know information about issues that your business is aware of, you can use your FAQ section as a way to establish yourself as a trusted expert.

Providing comprehensive, easy-to-read information will also increase the likelihood of a casual visitor turning into a paying customer – after all, people are more likely to buy products from a legitimate and professional website.

FAQ page example, source: storyboards.io

4. Clearer policies

Online shoppers often have queries about shipping, returns, warranties, and other store policies. The FAQ page should be a single source of truth, proactively offering customers answers to general questions and making sure that they have a clear understanding of your policies.

Remember, simple store policy questions aren’t conversation-starters or relationship-builders. Letting your FAQ page handle these types of questions is a win-win – customers can easily find what they need, and your customer service team can focus on more complicated questions that are likely to create loyal, long-term customers.

5. Better SEO results

Search engines love FAQ pages because they provide relevant content that helps them understand your business. However, this means that you need plenty of quality content to help your business get found. Your website’s FAQ page is the perfect place to publish interesting and relevant information about your business, products, and services.

You can also use your FAQ page to include long-tail keywords that your customers are searching for. Since you’re already providing information about your business, you can add keyword-rich content that guarantees customers will find your FAQ page when they search for your products and services.

The questions and answers you include on your FAQ page will also help you build the user personas that you need to represent your customers. The more answers you create for your FAQ section, the higher it will rank in search results.

What’s more, FAQs are perfect candidates to be selected by Google as Featured Snippets. For some web searches, Google doesn’t just provide a list of search results, it also highlights content that provides a direct answer to the search. This is a Featured Snippet, a box of text that appears at the top of organic search results in “position zero.” Appearing in a Featured Snippet can massively increase the traffic to your website.

6. Showcased product knowledge

A quality FAQ page shows off your expertise in your field. The content should be written for a non-industry reader, but it should also provide enough information to show that you have deeper insights into each formal topic.

Customers and potential business partners browsing your FAQ will see that your team knows their stuff based on how you write your answers. Get it right, and you can build trust in your customer base and create a positive reputation in your industry.

Bot answer

A real-life example of a bot’s answer trained using FAQ content.

7. Material for chatbot training

If your website has a chatbot, a well-written FAQ page is the perfect source of knowledge for it. In order to get the best results, the answers on your FAQ page will need to be direct and concise, including everything necessary but forgoing any filler or padding.

You’ll also need to clearly separate topics to avoid confusing your chatbot, incorporate as many keywords as possible, and cut down on jargon, techno-speak, and marketing buzzwords.

Last but not least, it’s important to respond with full sentences and restate the questions. Avoid starting your answer with a simple “yes” or “no,” as clients may ask the same question in multiple ways.

An example of a short and concise answer, source: PerfectBot.ai

To find out more about how to optimize your FAQ page for AI support, check out our blog.

The PerfectBot advantage

As we’ve seen, an FAQ page has a wide range of distinct advantages, but it really shines when combined with our GPT-powered AI chatbot for eCommerce.

Get an AI bot trained with your FAQ page

PerfectBot is specifically designed to be trained on your FAQ page and other helpdesk materials, giving your customers access to a chatbot that’s boosted for maximum accuracy.

Best of all, you can try it out for free with no strings attached and let your customers enjoy instant, accurate answers to any question as well as 24/7 service.

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