AI bot for Gorgias that learns from your help center

PerfectBot is an add-on, so you can easily plug it into Gorgias.
It handles conversations in Gorgias chatbox as the always-on agent.

It's like "Quick responses" powered by breakthrough AI


True natural language bot

Powered by ChatGPT, PerfectBot learns from your content to understand complex queries and fully converse with your customers.

Gorgias Quick Responses

Limited rule-based bot

A rule-based chatbot with only a few static answers that can automate a limited number of queries.

Cooperates with "Track and manage orders"

PerfectBot understands order status, return or cancellation inquiries guiding customers to the Gorgias Self-Service Widget Portal.

Smart handover scenarios

Works with Gorgias

No knowledge

On demand

Confirming question

During business hours

PerfectBot can reassign the ticket to a specific agent or a team for live chat assistance.

Outside business hours

If no email is provided at the start of the chat, the chatbot will ask for the customer's email address for further assistance.

Try PerfectBot now with your own help center

AI chatbot for Gorgias & LiveChat

Language: EN | PL

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