AI & Automation in Gorgias – A Comprehensive Guide

by Matt Maliszewski

by Matt Maliszewski

AI & Automation in Gorgias – A Comprehensive Guide

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Gorgias is a great tool for managing the customer service of your e-commerce, but the true magic happens when you start using AI and automation. Those tools can make your life a lot easier while making sure your clients get better and faster customer care. In both cases – you can increase your profit margins, thanks to better customer satisfaction and more time spent on sales, instead of mundane service tasks.

There needs to be more clarity about how those AI tools work (and whether they are worth the trouble at all!) and how to use them best. We’ve prepared a simple guide to help you understand how to use Gorgias’ core automation features, the Gorgias Automate (previously known as Automation Add-on), and the PerfectBot App.

Basic automation features

Gorgias’s three core automation features include Macros, Rules, and Ticket Assignment.

Macros and Rules were recently moved from the “Automation” section to the “Settings > Productivity” section.
Ticket Assignment was moved to the “Settings > Users & Teams” section.

Macros speed up your agents’ work by allowing them to respond to your clients with predefined answers – with just one click.

Macros feature

Rules are simple yet powerful automation tools that can go one step further and act independently from agents. Triggered by a specific event, a Rule can send a predefined reply to your client, apply a Macro, or manage support tickets (opening, closing, assigning…).

Rules feature

Ticket auto-assignment allows you to configure the settings of automatically assigning tickets to your support team members.

Ticket assignment feature

Gorgias Automate

Gorgias Automate (previously known as the Automation Add-on) includes more powerful self-service features to take a lot of work off your shoulders.

We highly recommend using the “Order Management” feature. It allows your clients to independently track order statuses, report order issues, cancel orders, or initiate order returns – all without having to trouble you or your client service at all!
Making the most of this feature should be your top priority. We have seen multiple e-commerce stores using it with great success both for them and their clients.

Order management feature

The Flows feature (previously known as the Flow Builder) allows you to create simple conversation flows, where the user can navigate a decision tree. Usually, it consists of a couple of multiple-choice questions where each choice results in the Gorgias Bot providing an automated answer. It also allows you to collect a text input or file upload from the user. While this builder makes a good first impression, the usefulness of this feature turns out to be quite limited. We hope to see it developed in the future.

Flows feature

Similarly, the additional Quick Responses and Article recommendation features seem obsolete as of 2023 and we recommend using newer AI-powered solutions instead, as they offer more precise and better-tailored answers to your clients’ needs.

PerfectBot – a GPT-powered AI chatbot for Gorgias

The PerfectBot App which can be installed from your Gorgias App Store provides you with an AI chatbot powered by the same technology as ChatGPT – but with added layer of your control.

PerfectBot works as an additional Agent, that is available 24/7 and responds to every client within seconds. This gives you the unprecedented advantage of being able to provide your clients with precise and dedicated support outside your business hours.


The bot learns from all of your Gorgias help center articles, but also your macros and tickets archive. Only the knowledge gathered from those sources is used to generate replies to your clients, and you can easily access and modify it (you are in control, no more black boxes).

While the chatbot becomes the first line of response to your clients, it still allows them to switch to a human agent – whenever they ask for this or when the bot can’t find the information requested by the customer in your materials.

The PerfectBot App is completely independent of Gorgias’ core automation features and Gorgias Automate, but works best in combination with them, filling important gaps and complementing the overall goal of automating the customer service of your e-commerce. The App offers a 30-day free trial (no card required), so you can try it out in your Gorgias without any commitment.

Read more about PerfectBot on the Gorgias website.

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