PerfectBot for LiveChat – Setup Instructions

by Lucas Lewandowski

by Lucas Lewandowski

PerfectBot for LiveChat – Setup Instructions

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Install PerfectBot in LiveChat

The ready-to-use AI Chatbot for eCommerce

Install „PerfectBot for eCommerce” Demo App in your LiveChat and test how easily you can automate customer service in your eCommerce.

Use 250+ LiveChat automations built specifically for your eCommerce category and save months on training your AI Chatbot.

How to install “PerfectBot for eCommerce” Demo App

1. Click here to access your LiveChat Marketplace. To proceed, go to the Apps section.

Screenshot appstore

2. On the list of available apps, look for „PerfectBot for eCommerce” and click on the Install button to proceed.

3. After you complete the installation, you’ll see a confirmation screen. Click the Test button to launch the chat page and test 250+ chat automations.

The PerfectBot Demo App installed in your LiveChat is only for preview and testing purposes. Please do not route your live traffic to the „PerfectBot Demo” Chatbot installed with this app.

How to test  “PerfectBot for eCommerce” Demo App

1. Test Bot Responses

Go to Settings >> Manage Apps >> PerfectBot for eCommerce and click the button to test 250+ chat automations. Feel free to chat with PerfectBot and ask questions in natural language. PerfectBot is the only chatbot trained to answer 250+ eCommerce-specific questions out of the box.

Screenshot livechat

2. Customize Bot Responses

Premade bot responses are short and chat-ready. You can easily customize them to your business specifics in PerfectBot Editor. You can also test PerfectBot there.


3. Disable PerfectBot after testing

Your current LiveChat group and routing configuration remain unaffected, and PerfectBot in the Demo version will not respond to your regular traffic. However, as the chatbot is available 24/7, when active it may interfere with your current out-of-hours configuration, so remember to disable PerfectBot in the Team > Chatbots section immediately after you are done testing.


Contact us to get a 30-day free trial at


Uninstalling the app from LiveChat

  1. Open the LiveChat App
  2. Go to Settings >> Manage Apps >> Installed Apps.
  3. Find the “PerfectBot for eCommerce” app and click on Actions >> Uninstall.
  4. Click on Submit and uninstall.

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