Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder and KnowledgeHub Invest in PerfectBot

by Lucas Lewandowski

by Lucas Lewandowski

Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder and KnowledgeHub Invest in PerfectBot

PerfectBot, a company from the K2 Group, has just acquired two investors and 2.52 million PLN for further development of a next-generation chatbot that automates e-commerce customer service. The chatbot is already being used by brands such as Reserved, Sinsay, and 4F, and the new financing will allow the company to accelerate its international expansion, particularly in the United States.  

VC investment

Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder and KnowledgeHub Starter funds will invest a total of 2.52 million PLN in PerfectBot.

K2 and the three founders of PerfectBot – Łukasz Lewandowski, Mikołaj Machowczyk, and Maciej Maliszewski – will also participate in the capital increase.

The total capital involvement of K2 in the company after the capital increase will amount to 3 million PLN. At the same time, PerfectBot is now entering wider waters, and our new investors will support our further success.

We are pleased with the finalization of the transaction, which once again shows how effectively we create value in the K2 Group.

– says Paweł Wujec, President of the Management Board of K2 Holding S.A.

How PerfectBot works

PerfectBot is a startup developed within the K2 Group that offers intelligent bots to automate e-commerce customer service, especially in the fashion and beauty categories. The chatbot guarantees a high-quality customer experience by understanding questions asked in natural language and giving detailed answers to about 250 of the most common questions asked by shoppers.

The result is that stores can quickly automate over 50% of customer service issues, redirecting only the most difficult cases to live agents. The solution is also easy to implement – all you have to do is to customize the automated responses and plug PerfectBot into your existing customer service tool.

Other solutions of this type either require large investments in training conversational artificial intelligence or support only basic conversations that cannot realistically replace a human.

PerfectBot Founders

Founders of PerfectBot – Łukasz Lewandowski, Mikołaj Machowczyk, and Maciej Maliszewski

What makes PerfectBot different

Several e-shops already use the solution, including Reserved, Sinsay, House, Mohito, Cropp, 4F, IKEA, Wojas, Diverse, Tatuum, 8a, Ryłko, and Displate. The number of conversations automated by PerfectBot chatbots is already at 7 million and continues to grow every day.

We do not offer another bot building platform. Our approach is different – an online store can hire ready-to-use, conversational AI that is trained and optimized for specific industries and then easily customize it to its business, says Łukasz Lewandowski, co-founder and CEO of PerfectBot. Thanks to PerfectBot, you can launch a helpful chatbot in a single day, something that previously required several years and huge investments to train on your own. Implementation is quick and easy, because PerfectBot easily integrates with the most popular customer service tools. Currently, these include LiveChat and Genesys, but in the coming months we plan to provide further integrations.

We are glad that two such experienced investors decided to support our ambitions to fix chatbots because the market of these solutions still offers very immature products, adds Lewandowski.

Development plans

The funds from the investment will be used to launch chatbots tailored to new categories in the e-commerce industry, integrate with new customer service tools, and expand to English-speaking markets, primarily the USA.

PerfectBot has created an attractive product that fits in with current market trends. The company has the potential to scale both on the local and global market, confirmed by the existing implementations carried out for demanding customers who are often leaders in their industry segments, comments Kamil Moczulski, investment director at Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder. Behind the success of the company is an effective, well-chosen team of founders. All these elements make us believe that with the appropriate support, PerfectBot will quickly strengthen its leading position in the conversational chatbot market.

A well-chosen team, the growing potential of the industry, and a successful example of venture building by K2 Holding and its founders are the main aspects convincing us to invest in PerfectBot, says Grzegorz Chyliński, partner of Knowledgehub Starter. We are convinced that our investment is the beginning of a significant product advantage that in the long run will allow us to think about building a global business.

You can watch a demo of PerfectBot below or test it yourself at www.PerfectBot.ai.

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We’re launching the PerfectBot to automate customer service in Fashion Ecommerce

We’re launching the PerfectBot to automate customer service in Fashion Ecommerce

PerfectBot properly handles 200 of the most common customer problems.


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Chatbot tailored for
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The highest
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